Friday, July 27, 2012

HELIOCENTRIS clean energy power generators

The Small Cap HELIOCENTRIS defies the crisis and proposes the SDAX

The Berlin-based company wants to create Heliocentris with clean energy solutions to break even. The order books are full, the odds of winning are very good.

What a week. While temperatures up to 30 degrees finally usher in the summer in Germany, there is thunder in the equity markets: On Monday, the Dow fell by more than three percent to almost 6400 points, on Tuesday announced agencies, the purchasing managers' index for the euro area economy has since the beginning of four points to 46.4 points dropped, and on Wednesday it was said that the Ifo business climate index had fallen by 1.9 points to 103.3 - bringing the mood in the upper echelons of the German economy deteriorated in July, the third consecutive month has.
Reason for the storm in equity markets continue to have concerns about the debt crisis in Europe. According to economists, the €-zone controls directly to a recession. Investors should not despair, but look for investments that can prove themselves in times of crisis. This is particularly the area of ​​the small caps. Here there are often small companies whose shares thanks to the unique business model to run much better than the securities of mid cap stocks or blue chips.
A good example of an attractive small-cap company, the Berliner Heliocentris. Founded in 1984, describes himself as "an expert on environmentally friendly energy efficiency and storage solutions." The stock has plenty of power, as you can see from the chart. In recent months, put the securities to 16.8 percent. The small-cap index SDAX other hand, could only recorded an increase of 3.8 percent. The rate scissor, which has been open since April between Heliocentris and SDAX proves that the company can also perform excellently, if the market suffers.

hybrid solar diesel power generators with fuel cells

Photovoltaic hybrid system with fuel cells as a guide for off-grid power systems

Solar generator on the lodge Rappenecker

The power of Rappenecker hut with one of the landmark renewable energy projects in the early history of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE. In 1987, the Freiburg researchers are installed on the network remotely located Wandergasthof a photovoltaic (PV) hybrid system, which is not only a practical solution for owners and tenants, but also a research station for off-grid power systems has been.
With the aim to come to a completely environmentally friendly energy supply, the plant underwent successive enlargements. In 1990, to a wind turbine, a fuel cell in 2003, the use of fossil diesel generator component could be reduced still further. On 27 July 2012 celebrates the Rappenecker hut not only their 350-year anniversary, but also 25 years of successful photovoltaic history.
Today, the development of PV-hybrid systems beyond the individual home care, the focus is primarily on larger island networks in developing and emerging countries. "In remote rural areas with solar coverage rate of over 80 percent, we can today in electricity generation costs compared to a diesel generator, depending on boundary conditions even in half," explains Dr. Matthias Vetter, Head of PV-grid systems and battery management systems.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Generators for wind turbines from the traditional company

product report
Among the three letters VEM Sachsenwerk operating since 50 years. This
logo imprinted a group of electric motor manufacturer with companies
located in Dresden, Wernigerode, Zwickau, and more recently, Berlin.
It produces a full range of high and low voltage machines, ranging
from small compacts to large machine and drive system solutions
include increasing. Among the current developments include 7-MW wind
turbine generators of the latest generation as promising and
energy-efficient solution for wind power generation.

Wind power generators in the dispatch center of the UEM Saxony plant.
(Source: VEM Sachsenwerk)

The solution concept Vetacon combines a permanent magnet synchronous
generator, which works robust and maintenance, with a modern,
powerful, full converter.

The roots of UEM Sachsenwerk rich but back 125 years: In 1886,
acquired the engineer Oskar Ludwig grief the building permit for a
factory in Dresden's Niedersedlitz. Was the subject of business
registration, according to the then "any kind of commercial
exploitation of the light and power technology and related sectors, in
particular establishment, operation and utilization of electrical
systems and the production and distribution to the serving machine,
apparatus and utensils." Soon, the native of Dresden began his factory
in the industrial production of electric machines. Around the turn of
the century were already working on 2000 people in grief factory.
1903, through the intermediate step of the joint-stock company
electricity works, the company resulting Sachsenwerk Light and Power
AG. "We are now one of the few globally active industrial company that
can look back at the construction of large electrical machines to more
than 100 years of tradition," says Gerhard Freymuth, managing director
of UEM Sachsenwerk.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hydroelectric power is the new standard

Compared to the current standard of care to deliver lower overall prices WWZ (Waterworks train AG) from 2012, electricity from Swiss hydroelectric power.

New customers have the choice to purchase electricity from alternative local hydropower with an additional share of solar energy, or to continue to flow mainly from nuclear production. "Domestic and commercial customers can say in the future, from which we obtain the power plants for them," says Andreas Widmer, CEO of VVC, the realignment of the offer. "We have noted in interviews that many customers want a basic supply of renewable energy. Lower network charges and favorable procurement prices allow us to offer our customers in the coming year to deliver standard and to lower overall prices electricity from Swiss hydroelectric power. "

Price reductions in train and Hochdorf
In the Zug area supplied 2012 customers benefit from lower prices on average 2.8 percent overall. In addition to the approximation of the village of high energy prices in particular allowing to train the reduction of network costs in the upstream networks to reduce the overall price by an average of 10 percent. As an alternative to the standard delivery of new national hydropower Haushaltsund commercial customers in the train and village high in future have the ability to stream from local hydropower with an additional solar share (+1.8 cents / kWh), or continue to flow mainly from nuclear production (-0.2 Rp . / kWh to purchase).

Choice comes in the fall
In late autumn, the WWZ their customers are fully informed about the new power supply and the appropriate choice.

Fees and taxes: lower system cost of services
In the electricity bill separately designated system services will be reduced in 2012 from 0.77 cents / kWh to 0.46 cents / kWh. These are costs that the utilities on behalf of the Swiss Grid for the stable operation of the national high voltage grid
end users will have to charge.

According to the Federal Council's decision to reduce insurance charges for cost recovery tariff (FIT) from 0.45 to 0.35 cents / kWh, a new supplement comes from 0.1 cents / kWh for added water protection. Thus these charges remain unchanged.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New generators for small car: Compact, robust and affordable

In its compact dimensions and its low-cost design, the generator is especially suitable for low-priced small cars. Photo: Bosch / Auto-Reporter.NET
2010-08-04 | A tough, compact and highly economical generator has now with the Bosch family Generator New Baseline (NBL) product range. It is designed for cars with relatively few electric consumers and is therefore particularly suitable for low-priced small cars. The generators can be in the international production network of Bosch directly produced in the country of each automaker. Mid-2010 will begin mass production in Changsha, China for Geely, First Automotive Works (FAW) and Volkswagen. In Brazil and India, the production has been running since 2008 and 2009.
The very robust, compact and inexpensive design of the generators, they do for the Chinese market "excellent," said Tirso Boada, regional president at Bosch Starter Motors and Generators in China. The three available sizes of the generator cover the power range of 1.0 to 1.8 kilograms watts. At 6,000 revolutions per minute, this corresponds to a current 70-125 amps. The efficiency of up to 66 percent (VDA) helps to keep the consumption and CO2 emissions of the vehicle low. The compact design, the generators are especially suitable for installation in cramped engine compartments.
Because such simple integrated and cost generators are in demand among car manufacturers, Bosch is planning the production in South Africa and Europe.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

diesel generators reviews

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

power generator diagnostic repair manual

0G4338 - Generac Guardian repair manual for 7 10 13 16 & 18kW Air-Cooled

0G4338 - Generac Guardian repair manual for 7 10 13 16 & 18kW Air-Cooled - If you have a power generator of that kind, then this manual can be of essential help for you as the user. As a diagnostic repair power generator manual this is the way to go for you as a victim of eskoms loadshedding.